It is impossible to list all the wonderful places that can be visited in the surroundings of Spotorno.

From the evocative villages, Noli and Finalborgo most of all, to the ancient buildings, such as the castle of Noli, to the wonders of nature, such as the Grotta del Mortou.

A few steps from the campsite, beaches among the most beautiful in Italy.

The beaches of the Riviera, and in particular those of Spotorno, are awarded each year with the prestigious Blue Flag Program for sustainable tourism. Canoe excursions in the protected area of Bergeggi and those by boat for whale watching are well known.



Our area offers bikers countless opportunities.

From the Spotorno hills to the Finale ones, a biker could have fun for years and still have new routes to discover: a true to life goldmine for bikers!

Hiking and trekking are absolutely privileged activities in the area of Spotorno.

The extreme proximity between mountains and sea allows, in a single holiday, to give free rein to all your passions.



To understand just how much divers can appreciate our shores, just remember that the sea around the island of Bergeggi was declared a Protected Marine Area in 2007.

Fauna, flora, caves, coves: a parade of overwhelming beauty.

Climbing is also an activity that can be very satisfying in these areas.

The numerous cliffs in the Finale area are there to attract you and add a touch of adventure to your holidays!



The ceramics of Albisola, the Priamar in Savona, the glassworks of Altare, museums of great interest such as the prehistoric one in Finalborgo.

Rich and composite cultural activities are never lacking in the areas surrounding Camping Leo.

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